Core Competence

Photograph: Product proposal capabilities

1. Product proposal capabilities

We leveraging our strengths as a trading company directly affiliated with Sanyo Special Steel and its world leading technologies to offer an extensive lineup of "Steel You Can Count On". We are able to propose materials and fabricated products that satisfy the needs of customers from a broad range of industries and sectors.

Photograph: Inventory and delivery capabilities

2. Inventory and delivery capabilities

We maintain a nationwide distribution network that includes three major distribution sites located in Osaka, Nagoya and Kyushu. Products can be cut and fabricated at our warehouses and we can offer small-lot high frequency shipments as part of our full range of delivery services provided to customers.

Photograph: Support capabilities for international business

3. Support capabilities for international business

Our close connections with the Sanyo Special Steel Group's overseas subsidiaries allow for information to be shared and distribution executed quickly, enabling us to respond to a wide range of needs from customers who are expanding internationally.

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