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As a member of the Sanyo Special Steel Group, we follow a thorough and committed approach to compliance. As a result, we have formulated a Corporate Code of Conduct to define our actions, Standards of Business Conduct to govern our actions, and Corporate Ethics Regulations to stipulate systems and mechanisms for compliance. We have also established a whistle-blower system to prevent corporate scandals before they happen.

Corporate Code of Conduct

As a company in the steel wholesaling business and as a distributor of basic materials, Yohkoh Bussan's mission is to improve peoples' lifestyles and make contributions to the development Japan's economy and society through the stable supply of steel products widely useful to society in response to the diverse needs of customers.

Fully aware of this mission and our presence as a member of society, we have established long-standing relationships of trust with society through our fair and honest approach to business.

A company must assist the development of the economy and play a beneficial role throughout society by generating value through fair competition and creating employment opportunities. To that end, we respect human rights, comply with relevant laws and uphold international rules and spirit, regardless of country, and we fulfill our corporate social responsibilities with an esteemed set of corporate ethics aimed at building a sustainable society. Based on this awareness, we have formulated a Corporate Code of Conduct to define and carry out specific actions.

  1. As a distributor of basic materials, we will strive to provide a stable supply of high quality steel products and obtain the trusty and satisfaction of customers and by extension end users.
  2. We will engage in fair, transparent and open competition as well as appropriate business transactions. We will also maintain sound and normal relationships with political organizations and government institutions.
  3. We will engage not only our shareholders but all of society, actively and fairly disclosing information about our corporate activities. We will also carefully manage and protect various information, including personal information and the information of our customers.
  4. We will respect the diversity, personality and individuality of employees, and ensure workplaces are safe, open and employee-friendly.
  5. Tackling environmental issues is a common task for all of humankind and we will take the lead in these activities as necessary condition for our existence and activities.
  6. We will actively give back to society as a good corporate citizen.
  7. We will take a resolute stance against anti-social forces or groups that threaten the order and security of society and will eliminate all relationships with such groups.
  8. We will accommodate the globalization of our business activities, comply with laws in relevant countries and regions, and abide by international rules including those on human rights. In addition, our management will be considerate of culture and customs and will contribute to the growth the economy in the countries and regions where we operate.
  9. Our executive leadership team, recognizing its role in ensuring that the spirit of this code is practiced, will ensure this code is understood and implemented internally and at group companies, while also making it known to business partners. The executive leadership team will always welcome feedback both internally and externally and establish an effective internal control system.
  10. The executive leadership team will address any violations of this code and strive to identify the cause as well as prevent future reoccurrences. The executive leadership team will fulfill its accountability by disclosing information to society promptly and correctly in such cases, clearly defining its authority and accountability, and will carry out rigorous discipline, including of itself.

Whistle-blower System

We have established a whistle-blower system to prevent corporate scandals before they happen. This helpline serves as the point of first contact for obtaining information on possible violations of laws, social norms, company rules and regulations, and attempts to prevent the occurrence of corporate scandals by addressing these leads in a prompt and appropriate manner.

The helpline can be accessed by all employees, including contract workers and temporary workers. Our General Administration Department, the General Administration Department of Sanyo Special Steel and its legal counsel also serve as contact points for reporting possible violations, enabling easy access for all.

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