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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

  • We will promote sale business of special steels with "Steel You Can Count On" products of Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. and develop sales of raw materials, tools for manufacturing, and machines.
  • We will provide reliable product and service to a customer by meeting the requirements applied to a product with continual improvement through Quality Management System, and improve the degree of satisfaction of the customer.
  • We will work on CSR activity and penetration of compliance awareness, and upbringing human resources to cope with high information-oriented society and globalization.
  • We will aim at the company with the job satisfaction by constructing an open and friendly corporate culture.

ISO9001 Certification

We obtained company-wide ISO9001 certification in 2004. Later we carried out the necessary revisions to our quality management system based on changes in the standard to upgrade to ISO9001:2015, which was completed in July 2018.

We continue to exert our best efforts toward making further quality improvements.

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